Ving many sexual partners. Men and women who have many sexual partners over their lifetimes have a greater risk of anal cancer. viagra interactions more drug_interactions Anal sex. Men and women who engage in anal sex have an increased risk of anal cancer. generic viagra Smoking. viagra viagra samuel Smoking cigarettes may increase your risk of anal cancer. generic viagra pill Former smokers have only a slightly elevated risk of anal cancer. Human papillomavirus (hpv). cheap viagra Hpv infection increases your risk of several cancers, including anal cancer and cervical cancer. Hpv is a sexually transmitted disease that can also cause genital warts. Hpv may cause cells in the anus to appear abnormal — a condition called anal squamous intraepithelial lesions (asil). The abnormal cells associated with asil aren’t cancer, but they may develop into anal cancer. viagra without a doctor prescription However, some people with asil never develop anal cancer. Drugs or conditions that suppress your immune system. People who take drugs to suppress their immune systems (immunosuppressive drugs), including people who have received organ transplants, may have an increased risk of anal cancer. over the counter viagra at rite aid Long-term use of corticosteroids, such as those prescribed to control autoimmune disorders, also may increase the risk of anal cancer. Hiv — the virus that causes aids — suppresses the immune system and increases the risk of anal cancer. generic viagra online Tests and procedures used to diagnose anal cancer include: feeling your anus and rectum for abnormalities. During a digital rectal exam (dre), your doctor inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into your rectum. He or she feels for anything unusual, such as growths. Can you buy viagra from the chemist Dre isn’t used to diagnose anal cancer, but it can give your doctor an indication of what further testing might be appropriate. Visually inspecting your anus and rectum. Your doctor may use a short lighted tube (anoscope) to inspect your anus and rectum for anything unusual. Your doctor inserts the lubricated tube into your rectum to examine your anus, anal canal and rectum. buy viagra online cheap You may feel pressure during anoscopy, but it shouldn’t hurt. You may be required to take laxatives or an enema in order to clean your rectum before the procedure. buy cheap viagra Taking sound wave pictures of your anus. In order to create a sonogram picture of your anus, your doctor inserts a probe, similar to a thick thermometer, into your anus and rectum. yahoo mail sending viagra spam to contacts The probe emits high-energy sound waves, called ultrasound waves, which bounce off tissues and organs in your body to create a picture. Your doctor evaluates the sonogram picture to look for anything abnormal. generic viagra dosage Removing a sample of tissue for laboratory testing. yahoo mail sending viagra spam to contacts If your doctor discovers any unusual areas, he or she may take small samples of affected tissue (biopsy) and send the samples to a laboratory for analysis. By looking at the cells under a microscope, doctors can determine if the cells are cancerous. One line viagra jokes Biopsy samples are typically removed during anoscopy. You may feel a pinch and exper. viagra without a doctor prescription viagra super active vs viagra super active

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